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The Industrial Development Department (IDD) is responsible for Industrial Policy Formulation, development, promotion and implementation in line with Federal Government policy direction. The Department is structured to oversee the entire industrial landscape of the economy in order to give boost to the industrial sector. It is primarily involved in the continuous provisions of policy direction to enable Nigeria emerge as a real industrial hub aimed at liberalizing the industrial space by removing constraints to private investment in industrial activities. One of such is reducing the cost of doing business and creating conditions attractive to investments. Industrial Development Department is charged with the mandate of ensuring sustainable development of the Industrial sector, by articulating policy initiatives that would enhance their growth and competitiveness.

To develop policies that would promote Industry growth, create jobs, generate wealth and sustainable livelihood.
To formulate and implement Policies and programs that would boost Industrialization, develop enterprises and ensure Nigeria made products and services are competitive.

2. The functions of the Department include:
• Initiating, formulating and implementing the Nigeria Industrial policy.
• Coordination and inter-governmental cooperation on industrial development matters.
• Initiating and implementing incentives for industrial development.
• Initiating and implementing aids to industries.
• Industrial planning.
• Industrial technical data collection and analysis.
• Provision of industrial technical consultancy.
• Industrial coordination and cooperation with African and other countries of the world.
• Supervision of industry implementing Agencies such as Nigeria Sugar Development Council (NSDC), National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC), Small and Medium Development Agency of Nigerian (SMEDAN), Industry Training Fund (ITF), Bank of Industry (BOI), Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) etc.
• Relations with national and international organizations such as Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (NASME), National Association of Small Scale Industries (NASSI), United Nations Industry Development Organization (UNIDO), World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME) etc.

3. In this regard, the Department is structured into the following Divisions:
(i) Food and Beverage industries.
(ii) Solid Minerals Industries.
(iii) Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Industries.
(iv) Engineering Industries.
(v) Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises.
(vi) Cotton, Textile & Garment Industries.
(vii) Pulp & Paper Industries.
4. Major Programmes of the Department.
4.1 Nigeria Industrial Policy Development.
4.2 Nigeria Industrial Revolution Plan (NIRP).
4.3 Implementation of sector specific policies.
4.4 Backward Integration Programme (BIP) in sectors where Nigeria has competitive advantage.
4.5 Cluster Development.
4.6 National Enterprise Development Programme (NEDEP).

5.1  Bona-Fide Manufacturers Status
5.2 Processing of Industrial Incentives/Concession
5.2 Creating Market Access for MSMES

6. Redress Mechanism
In case of inadequate public expectations to the service delivery and all relevant mediums have been utilized, please contact:
+234 906 248 5437 or +234 906 248 5438