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Industrial Inspectorate Department

Issuance of Acceptance Certificates

Issuance of Production Day Certificates

Issuance of Certificate of Value

Issuance of Customs Clearance Certificates

Fixed Assets Valuation

Post Landing Charges Certification

Weights and Measures Department

Weighing Scale Verification Certification

Pattern Approval Certificate

Issuance of Certificate of Competency

Waiver not to comply with Provisions of Weights and Measures

Exemption from Regulation Approval

Commodities and Products Inspectorate Department

Export Expansion Grant (EEG) Processing

Issuance of Export Clearance Permit Certificates

Produce Warehouse Registration

Produce Certification

Ship Hold Fumigation

Establishment of National Commodity Association

Commercial Law Department

Registration of Trademarks

Trademark Recordal/User Documents

Registration of Patent

Patent Recordal/User Documents

Registration of Industrial Design

Design Recordal/User Documents

Investment Promotion Department

Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (IPPA) Processing

Trade Department

Hosting of Trade Fairs/Exhibition Approval