List of services being provided by the federal ministry of industry, trade and investment

1.   Industrial Inspectorate Department

  • Issuance of Acceptance Certificates
  • Issuance of Production Day Certificates
  • Issuance of Certificate of Value
  • Issuance of Customs Clearance Certificates
  • Fixed Assets Valuation
  • Post Landing Charges Certification

2.  Weights and Measures Department

  • Weighing Scale Verification Certification
  • Pattern Approval Certificate
  • Issuance of Certificate of Competency
  • Waiver not to comply with Provisions of Weights and Measures
  • Exemption from Regulation Approval

3.   Commodities and Products Inspectorate Department

  • Export Expansion Grant (EEG) Processing
  • Issuance of Export Clearance Permit Certificates
  • Produce Warehouse Registration
  • Produce Certification
  • Ship Hold Fumigation
  • Establishment of National Commodity Association

4.   Commercial Law Department

  • Registration of Trademarks
  • Trademark Recordal/User Documents
  • Registration of Patent
  • Patent Recordal/User Documents
  • Registration of Industrial Design
  • Design Recordal/User Documents

5.   Investment Promotion Department

  • Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (IPPA) Processing

6.    Trade Department

  • Hosting of Trade Fairs/Exhibition Approval