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Industrial Development

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The Industrial Development and Inspectorate Department (IDD), derives its statutory functions from the erstwhile Federal Ministry of Industry mandates, as outlined in the Federal Government gazette No. 15 Vol. 76 of 1989 and Industrial Inspectorate Act CAP 18 LFN 2004 as well as Industrial Development (Income Tax Relief) Act CAP 17 LFN 2004.

2. The Industrial Development Department (IDD) is made up of two out of three defunct technical departments of the former Federal Ministry of Industry, which were:

i. Large Scale Industries Department (LSID)

ii. Small and Medium Scale Industries Department (SMID)

The Department is accordingly structured to oversee the entire industrial landscape of the economy. Thus, its main mandate is to ensure that the Nigerian industrial sector becomes the prime contributor to GDP through value addition, job creation, wealth generation and sustainable livelihood.

3. The functions, based on the above mandate include:

a. Initiating, formulating and implementing Industrial Policies.

b. Coordination and inter-governmental cooperation on industrial development matters.

c. Initiating and implementing incentives for industrial development.

d. Initiating and implementing aids to industries.

e. Protection and promotion of industrial investment in micro, small, medium and large scale industries.

f. National industrial planning.

g. Industrial technical data collection and analysis.

h. Provision of industrial technical consultancy.

i. Industrial coordination and cooperation with African and other countries of the world.

j. Industrial Training.

k. Standardization and quality control.

l. Supervision of implementing Agencies such as National Sugar Development Council(NSDC) , National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC), Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), Industrial Training Fund (ITF), Bank Of Industry (BOI), Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON), etc.

m. Relations with national and international industrial organizations such as Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN), United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO),National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (NASME), Nigerian Association of Small Scale Industrialists (NASSI), World Association for Small and Medium Enterprises (WASME), West African Power Industry Convention (WAPIC), Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Developing Eight (D-8)etc.

n. Project Appraisals of capital undertaking

o. Industrial data collection, collation and storage.

4. In this regard, the Department is structured into the following Divisions:

i) Agro and Agro-allied Industries.

ii) Solid Minerals Industries.

iii) Chemical Industries.

iv) Engineering Industries.

v) Small & Medium Industries.